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NSF RCN : Social Observatory Coordinating Network

About the project

The Social Observatories Coordinating Network (SOCN) was funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF SES1237498) to work with the scientific communities in the development and planning of a set of observatories for the Social, Behavioral, and Economic (SBE) Sciences that will transform SBE science. The concept of a social observatory grew out of set of wide-ranging discussions on the future of the SBE sciences sponsored by NSF over the past three years. The major objective of the Social Observatories Coordinating Network (SOCN) is to continue exploration of ideas regarding the potential form and functioning of such a network of social observatories and to actively engage individuals and groups across the SBE research community in this process.

Things you can do on the site

View information about the Conference on New Data Linkages

Download previous reports from 2010 to the present

Read and comment on the Vision statement

Respond to the Call for Brief White Papers from the scientific community

Review the Network Plan

Find out more about the Network members

Find out how to participate in live discussions about Social Observatories