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John Scholz Ph.D.

John Scholz, Ph.D.

Professor of Political Science, Florida State University

Office Phone: 850-644-7304


John Scholz’s research areas are politics, administration, and public policy, with special emphasis on political economy and institutions, network analysis, organization and decision theory, environmental policy and water conflicts, citizenship and taxes. His work on environmental and tax compliance appears in the leading journals in political science and law. Dr. Scholz has analyzed government regulatory policies from the federal to the local level involving issues of occupational safety and health, water pollution, and taxation, focusing in particular on enforcement and compliance issues. His current research analyzes the problems of developing and maintaining cooperative solutions to collective action problems, emphasizing the role of policy networks, private partnerships, and collaborative government programs in resolving collective problems involved in resource management. He co-directs “Collaborative Research: Governing the Commons in Complex Settings: Policy Networks in an Ecology of Games”, an NSF grant that explores the dynamics of policy networks and their impact on water policies comparatively at sites in Florida, California, and Argentina.